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Name:Pieter Guillerme
Birthdate:Apr 13
L'Innocent: Une Etude de la Peste Noire
"The Innocent: A Study of the Black Death"

In 1534, an undisclosed outbreak in the city of Carae, France felled thousands. A small group of doctors shouldered the task to quarantine the infected of Carae from the rest of the populace, herding them into the catacombs below.

Little did they know that the terrified townsfolk would seal the catacombs behind them, dooming them to a slow and painful death - doctors and patients alike - in the darkness. Their mass grave would be unearthed five hundred years later, their entombed remains finally graced with light once more.

Except one.

Pieter Gullierme was snatched away to Faerie the moment the catacombs were sealed, and made an unwilling apprentice and surgical assistant to a Keeper fascinated with both mental and physical viscera. Undergoing endless torments and given the mocking nickname "Doctor Pierrot", when he finally escaped the clutches of cruel Arcadia as a skilled Chirurgeon, he was plunged into another kind of torture: five hundred years had passed since he was plucked from the darkness, and he emerged on the site of an archaeological dig unearthing the bones of those he had previously known as living, breathing people.

Lost in a modern world he does not understand, he clings to the only thing that he knows how to do, and has turned his considerable surgical talents towards healing instead of harming. He now works as a back-alley surgeon, reliable and helpful, hiding his helplessness by keeping his hands busy.

Changeling: The Lost belongs to White Wolf; Pieter is a Changeling who comes from that universe. Backstory concept heavily based on Catacombs: Black Death Rising from Halloween Horror Nights 20: Twenty Years of Fear.


The Chirurgeon's Blessing is The Analeptic Charm. The Changeling gains supernatural aptitude with medical instruments, and can work just as easily with makeshift tools as he or she can with equipment of the highest quality. As long as something can be jury-rigged into medical equipment, the Changeling suffers no penalty from using poor equipment.

Anyone Pieter tends to for any length of time receives "the benefit of the Chirugeon's skills as if they were in a hospital intensive care unit".

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